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1. Carplay/Android Auto.
3. Microphone:
4. Backup Camera:
5. Radio
6. Onboard Car computer information:
7. NetFlix and Youtube:
8. Logo: How to change.
9. BMW Front camera (auto)
10. Factory Setting Passwords:
11. DAB+
12. Factory Settings

13. WiFi:
14. Pinouts:
15. SIM card not working:
16. Steering wheel swap keys RHD LHD:
17. Used Unit?
18. DashCam (DVR):
19. GPS Navigation Maps:
20. USB stick: 
21. Clock Time Setup:
22. ACC: 23. Firmware Updates:
24. Low Volume?
25. Steering Wheel controls:
26. No Power in the head unit.
27. HOW TO: Keep Your Car Stereo On While Starting
28. Reset/Restart(RST) Hole.
29. Do not watch videos while driving.
30. User Manuals:
31. Touch screen stop working?

32.  KPH/MPH units
33. BMW Screen flickers in the original menu:
34. Mercedes-Benz screen flickers in the original menu:
35: Porsche PR-27XX:
36: Door Swap LHS RHS:

Installation Guides: 

>>Your suggestions about the improvement of these installation guides, our website, product, or services will highly be appreciated. We would be very delighted if you could send us a video or pictures during or after the installation.<<

Most of our installation guides at our product pages. If you can’t find one for yourself. Please find a video on YouTube about the radio removal in your car. For example search for “radio removal Hyundai Elantra” or "radio removal BMW F20”. Once you are able to remove the factory head unit, the rest is just to connect the relevant plugs. If you find any difficulty during the installation, just contact us via WhatsApp ‪number +447591940624‬. Send photos or videos and we will try our best to help you with that.

HL-8835 link here

Audi A4/A5/Q5 MMI 3G: Click here

1. Wireless Carplay+Wired Android Auto

Zlink APP for KLD: To download the latest Zlink app, please click here (Valid only for KLD products)

HL Products: Zlink comes with the firmware, need to update the whole firmware.

Mercedes Audi BMW Screens:  Uninstall then Launch the "APKInstaller" app, then find the "CarplayZlink.apk" and install it. 
After you have installed the ZLINK app, please press the "restart" button to restart the system or power off the car and lock the door, wait for 10 minutes for restarting.
This method will only reinstall the existing ZLINK app, if want to upgrade the ZLINK app, then you need to upgrade the whole system’s firmware.

Q. Wireless carplay not connected: 
Step 1. Please go to iPhone>settings> Bluetooth, select all the paired devices, and remove/forget them.
Step 2. There is a "RES" button on the DVD panel. Please insert a paper clip or a SIM-eject tool into the hole of the "RES" button and release it within 1 second to reboot the radio. Start the "ZINK" app after the radio reboot and pair your iPhone with the radio upgrade's Bluetooth again.

Wired Carplay: The USB cable with the "carplay" label is used for wired carplay. Please use genuine Apple cable.

Please also refer to the guide below

Is Carplay still not working? Please click "about" and take a photo that shows the current software version information.
here to see the photo.
Troubleshooting video link here:

You can also use the "Speedplay" app on the radio for carplay

Q: Bluetooth does not auto-connect even the setting is on. Tried on Android phones (Samsung Galaxy S20fe and iPhone 8) Bluetooth not connecting at all, either from the unit itself or via the phones.
Because this unit has a wireless carplay feature. Once the Bluetooth is connected, it will switch to wireless carplay and Bluetooth disconnects automatically. If you want to test the Bluetooth feature individually, please just disable the carplay/android feature: Settings>Car>Factory settings>input password 126 or 318>APP>Carplay>Select "NO">Apply and Exit. Then test the Bluetooth feature again after the radio reboots.
If you want to use carplay/Android Auto, just enable it again from the factory settings.

Q: The UI won't automatically change themes (day/light) unless I turn off the auto lights and then turn them back on. But it's every time I start the car I have to do this. Is that a bug or a setting that can be changed?

Ans: The day and night mode is controlled by your mobile phone. The radio screen only acts as a display while using carplay.
Turning on the headlight only dims the brightness of the radio screen, it does not change the day and night mode.

Q: Is carplay not connecting automatically?
Answer: Please check Settings>Car settings>Personal settings>Power off delay if ACC OFF> select "30 seconds". This should fix the carplay not automatically connect issue when starts the car.

Android 13 on your phone: Update September 2023: Android 13 supports wireless Android auto. Please check this video on how to pair:

1.2. C002 Carplay Dongle:
Please install the "AutoPlay" app as per the following steps:
1. Please download this file through the computer: 
Click here
2. Drag the "AutoPlayBox_2022.08.23.1254.apk" file to the USB thumb drive.
3. Connect the USB thumb drive to the radio upgrade system's USB port.
4. Open the"FileBrowser" application find the "AutoPlayBox_2022.08.23.1254.apk" file, and click it to install.
After installing the latest "AutoPlay" application, please also update the dongle as per this video:
Please check multiple times and ensure that both the software and box are up to date. Then try again.

Art. Nr C002 Carplay/Android Auto Z-Link app link here

Android Auto: You need to install the Android Auto app on your phone. Make sure the cable you use is genuine otherwise, it will not transmit data. There is a dedicated USB port for Wired Android Auto, click to see a photo here

Question: The phone hang up and answer button on the steering wheel does not work, everybody. 
Answer: The phone hang-up and answer buttons only work on the Bluetooth mode, not carplay mode.

Question: Is there a way to adjust the volume of the Google maps in Android Auto/Apple car play separately from the audio volume?
Please check this video: 


Q: How to connect the OBD2 dongle:
OBDII: 1. Connect the OBD2 adapter to the OBD port under the steering wheel. 2. Turn on the Wi-Fi of 8815 and connect it to the "OBD" Wi-Fi signal. 3. Open the "Torque" app to use. Note that Wi-Fi OBD and wireless carplay do not work simultaneously because the radio only connects to one device through Wi-Fi.
Video link here

Torque App for OBDII: click here

3. Microphone:

Q: HL-8835 Where would I plug the mic in on the radio?
The spot on the back that says the mic is closed off.
Answer: Click
Our radio has a built-in microphone, usually, you don’t need to install an external microphone.
For external microphone connector type, click here

Settings>Car Settings>Factory settings (password 126 or 318)>VOLUME>BT Mic Gain

Settings>Car Settings>Factory settings (password 126)>VOLUME>BT Mic Gain>select MAX.

Carplay Mic: After the firmware update, please connect the radio to Wi-Fi, launch the "APK Installer" app>Select "SpeedPlay.apk" fine and install it>start the "Speedplay" app and select the first option "Wireless  Carplay+Wired CarPlay+Auto", take a photo show the QR-Code on the screen. We will help you to activate it.

After activating, please test the carplay feature through the "Speedplay" app again.

If you still think the microphone is low, please check the "Speedplay" app>setting>Microphone gain>select number 5. Then check again.

4. Backup Camera:

 Question: The music from CarPlay is completely mute when putting the car in reverse. Is that normal? If not what is the setting so the music stays on?

 Settings>System>Camera Selection>OEM Camera.
Settings>System>Mute while on reverse>Disable. The camera should work and not mute any sound.

 For HL-units: Settings>Car>Extra settings>Reversing volume>ON

The blue wire goes to the blue antenna adapter antenna wire. Correct:
The red reverse to red lead from the backup camera cable Yes:
The camera RCA to the RCA cable from the backup camera. That’s correct. 
Photo link

For automatic gear cars. It would be best if you powered the camera through "BACK 12V  OUT" instead of the backlight. Because the backlight from these German cars(Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, and Porsche) contains CAN data and disturbs the power. The camera does not get constant power from the backlight.
Camera connection for auto transmission cars link
here TG-276 Auto picture here

Camera photo fluctuates:  
Reason: The car’s reversing light power wires have canbus data. There is no constant power in the reversing light.
Solution 1: Please feed the backup camera from another power source and just connect the Reverse/Back trigger wire to the reversing light.
Solution 2: Use a 12V relay for the backup camera that will supply uniform 12V power.

Please check the attached picture
Measure the voltage value between wire 1 and wire 2 when reversing the car.
Please test the continuity between 4 and 5.
Please test the continuity between 6 and 7.

How to test the continuity of the video cable: Please watch the YouTube video link here

For KLD units: You need to manually connect the reverse trigger wire to the positive of the backup/reverse light. There is an orange wire from the main harness labeled "reverse."  It is the reverse trigger wire. See picture here

HL-8835 or HL-XXXX products: Please check the picture here  "CAM V" yellow jack is used for an aftermarket backup camera.
Camera connections HLA manual transmission: Photo 
HL-8835 and all other HL products, for manual camera connection, the cable labeled "Back" is purple, not orange or red. Click here to see the photo. In installation connections here

To access the backup camera setting menu, please watch the video here

5. Radio:

Q: A well-known issue of 8835: The radio does not show the stations and frequency. 
Please check Settings>Apps & notifications>App info>Radio>Advanced>Version. Please take a photo of the current radio app version.

If it does not find FM stations. Please ensure the aerials are installed properly. Here are two videos FYI:

6. Onboard Car computer information:

Q: The car is an a207 cabriolet. with 2 doors but the screen says the rear doors are open and not recognizing the seat belt or parking brake.
Answer: Please check Settings>Factory>input password 190627>Vehicle>Number of doors>2 doors.

7. NetFlix and Youtube:

Q: Why can’t I download Netflix and YouTube?
Step 1. Please search and download the APK installation files you want through this website:
Step 2. Transfer the APK files to a USB thumb drive.
Step 3. Install the app as per this video:

8. Logo:

Q: How do I change the opening logo for Mini (First one and or Android starting)?
Please download the "MINI.jpg" to a USB thumb drive and check Settings/CAR/Factory Settings/input password 318/LOGO/customs/select the mini logo photo from the USB thumb drive and click APPLY/EXIT.

Change logo in Mercedes Benz 4323: 1. Please download this file to a USB thumb drive(format it as fat32 through PC before use): Not larger than 64 GB. Use a PC and not a MAC it’s Important. click here to download
Note that DO NOT unzip it after downloading.
2. Change the logo per this video:

Please launch the "File Manager" app and check if you can see the logo picture on the screen. If not, the radio does not detect the USB thumb drive. The USB thumb drive may have an issue, or the format is not supported. Please try another 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB USB thumb drive and format it as fat32 through a PC before use. It may not read the 64GB/128GB USB thumb drive, which was connected to MAC before.
If you can see the logo picture but won't be able to set it as the start logo. Maybe the picture format is not supported, please send us the picture through email, and we will correct the format and send it back to you. 
Please watch the video here: Here

1. Please download the fiat.bmp file here
2. Set up the start logo per this video here
New menu KLD products, for example, LEXUS logo here, How to set start logo video here

6832: The logo picture should be 1280*720 pixel, 32-bit, PNG format, and name zxdzlogo.png Copy to a USB thumb drive and install it per this video:

9. BMW Front camera (auto)

Q: How to connect a front camera in a BMW car?
Please see the guide, link click here

10. Factory Setting Passwords:

  Please DO NOT change any settings in the factory mode if you don’t know what the location is. The radio may not work properly if the setting does not match the car. That's why the factory setting is password-protected.

HL: 318 Click here to see the menu.
KLD: 126 or 8878 Click here to see the menu
Winca: 3368 Click here to see the menu
HLA Mercedes-Benz: 2109 Click here to see the menu

BMW Screen: 1314 or 070305 click here to see the menu
Mercedes-Benz/Audi MTK:190627 or 8888 click here to see the menu

ETC-  123456, 0000, 7890, 8878

11. DAB+

Q: Received my head unit today. Really great quality. I have a question though. Is there any way I can use my existing antenna for DAB rather than the windscreen one?

Answer: To use the existing DAB antenna with our DAB dongle you need a Fakra to SMA adapter.

DAB+ Apps
1. DAB-Z player for USB tuner 1.9.17 (Oct 01, 2022) Click
here to download
2. DAB-Z player for DAB USB adapter version (1.9.119.apk) Click
here to download
3. LHN-DTR-100&DRT-130-H3.22.8.apk Click
here to download

  1. Latest 15/10/2023 Please download this file to a USB thumb drive and install it:!AuJeF6cw4ExXqaU-xXrsdWPwILEajg?e=cU7Zu7
  2. You can also search the "DAB-Z" app through Google Play Store and install it.

DAB windscreen antenna installation guide: Please click here

12. Factory Settings:

12.1. Q: There is an incredibly annoying beep every time you touch the screen and I cannot remove the sound unless I get to those factory settings.

Please check Settings/Factory/input password 3368/Sound/Keypad Tone/OFF.

12.2. Restore/Reset Factory settings:

Restore the radio to factory settings. Settings>System>Reset options>Erase all data(factory reset)>Delete all data.

12.3 Reset/Reboot button:

To see the picture click here

13. WiFi:

Q: I am unable to turn Wi-Fi on (8815)
Answer: check Settings>System>Reset options>Erase all data(factory reset)>Erase all data. Recheck it after restoring the radio to factory settings.

13.1: To use carplay and WiFi together.

Check the firmware version, if it is Android 10, then it has wired carplay. So use wired Carplay plus hotspot.
If it is Android 12 without wired carplay, then downgrade to Android 10, it will have wired carplay.

Alternatively, any pocket Wi-Fi dongle with 2.4 GHz is ok. For example this one photo here

14. Pinouts:

KLD- pinout here
KLD- pinout with wire color here
HL- plugs
here and the main harness here
KD-new pinout here
KD- new Installation connection guide here

15. SIM card not working:

Our product is compatible with these bands, please make sure the sim card carrier you are using supports these bands:

GSM Band 2/3/5/8 (850/900/1800/1900)
For more information please visit:
WCDMA Band 1/2/5/8
For more information please visit:
LTE Band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/20/34/38/39/40/41
For more information please visit:

Compatible Data Sim Card list in Australia click here

Where is the sim slot in BMW screens? Please click the picture.1 here, picture 2. Herepicture 3. here

EU: It works with the below service providers in European countries:
LTE-FDD: B1,B3,B5,B7,B8,B20,B28(B28A,B28B)

In Sweden, please try the sim card from the below service providers:
Tele2 Sweden LTE-FDD
TeliaSonera LTE-FDD

Belgium: If you want to connect the screen to the internet through a 4G network. Please ensure the sim card belongs to the below service provider: Base  FDD-LTE B3
Mobistar FDD-LTE B1,B3,B8,B20
Proximus FDD-LTEB3

16. Steering wheel swap keys RHD LHD:

Q: My forward and reverse track buttons are switched on the steering wheel.
Answer: KLD units: Settings>Car Settings>Factory settings>input password 126>CANBUS>Canbox settings>Key change>change previous and next. Image click here

HL:XXXX: Please check Settings>CAR>Factory settings>Input password 318>CanBus>Swap_key>Swap

17. Used Unit?

I do know it's used because there are multiple videos of songs saved on the internal storage device. On the device, there are numerous Carly Rae Jepsen and Celine Dion songs. Also, there are multiple clips of the movie Fast and Furious 7 saved as well.

Please check this photo (click here). Are you saying these music files? It is a brand-new unit. We preloaded these multimedia files to test the radio before shipping.

18: DashCam (DVR):

Front dashcam DVR app link here
BMW/Mercedes/Audi screens: Install from the memory of the system. ESfileExplorer>HomePage>USB_HomePage>DVR>INstall>Install>Done.
Go to the main menu, and click the app called “Traffic_Safety_Guard”. Allow, Allow, Allow, TFT card Format, click Yes.

XCDVR2 link here

19: GPS Navigation Maps:

Please prepare a PC (not MAC) and a 16GB/32GB USB thumb drive.
Step 1. Download the original Sygic map to your PC through this link:
U.S.A Maps: Link click here

E.U Maps link click here
Australian Maps: Link click here

Step 2. Unzip the "" or “” file and get a "Sygic_US_202101" or “” folder.
Step 3. Connect the USB thumb drive to the computer and format it as fat32.
Step 4. Drag the "Sygic_US_202101" folder to the USB thumb drive. After completing the copy, please remove it from the computer and go to the car.
Step 5. Connect the USB thumb drive to the navigation unit's USB port and install it as per this video:

How to change the voice level of Google Maps click here

20: USB stick:

If the USB stick is in touch with MAC, it won’t work. Windows PC is the solution.

USB cable not working? The features of the two USB ports are not the same. Please check:

1. Please check, do both USB ports charge a mobile phone? 
2. Do both USB ports read media files from a 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB USB thumb drive?
They are working if both can charge the mobile phone and read the USB thumb drive, and you do not need another cable. 
If one of them does not charge the mobile phone nor read the USB thumb drive, then it means that the USB port is defective. We can ship you a new cable.

The USB-IN 1 is an OTG USB port that can communicate with an external device. So you can connect the DAB tuner to it. 
The USB-IN 2 is a regular USB port that can only charge the phone and read the USB thumb drive. It does not communicate with the DAB tuner. 
So if the USB-IN 2 is not defective if it can charge the phone or read a 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB USB thumb drive(may not be compatible with 64GB).

21. Clock Time Setup:

Android time does not stay active, it always resets to 2:17 a.m., even after I set the proper time.

It does not keep time because this radio runs an Android system. The Android system completely shuts down after you turn off the car, and the time stops. So the time is not accurate when you start the car next time. But it calibrates automatically once it gets a GPS signal or internet connection, and you do not need to adjust it manually. Usually, it can get the GPS signal within 30 seconds to two minutes. It depends on the weather; it receives the GPS signal quickly on sunny days and gets the GPS signal slowly on rainy days or cloudy days. Please see the time setup guide here

Mini Cooper: Here is a video about setting the clock, resetting, and changing. YouTube video link here

22. ACC:

We can’t use the unit without the engine running i.e. no radio/music or use of the phone.
It is intentionally designed this way because the new radio has a large display screen and runs an Android system. It needs more power than the factory radio while running. It may drain the battery if the engine is not running. One of the other dangers is forgetting to turn off the unit when done.
If you insist on the radio running without the engine, you can just cut the red wire and connect it directly to the ACC from the fuse box. But I still do not recommend you to do it like this.

23. Firmware Updates:

HL-8835 to Android 12:

24. Low Volume?

The front speakers are very low in volume. In Bluetooth mode, Android Auto, CarPlay, and even the test files.
Please check the "Amplifier" app and make sure the "Fader" is set to "ALL" speakers.
Please check Settings>CAR>Factory settings>input password 126>voice, and adjust all the volume levels to the max. Then APPLY and EXIT. Try again.

KLD units: Please check Settings>Car Infotainment>About Device>Click the "gear" icon on the right of the "HMI">input password 8878>Volume, you can adjust the app volume level separately>Save.

Question: I used the sub-output for the amp and sub, but the amplifier app is not controlling my sub as it should. On the far right of the equalizer there is a subchannel that allows for the power to be raised or lowered, but it has no effect.  Is it possible the sub output was miss labeled? It seems like the sub is now on the same channel as the front speakers. When using the balance option, the sub is only present when the fader is on the front speaker, it does not play when the fader is on the rear speakers.

Answer: The FL and RL are parallel connections. They produce sound when you move the cursor to the front left. The rear left cursor does not work. 
The FR, RR, and subwoofer are parallel connections. They produce sound when you move the cursor to the front right. The rear right cursor does not work.

25. Steering Wheel controls:

Some cars have resistance-based analog steering wheel controls. You need to set up and assign the keys in the SWC settings of the head unit. Please watch the videos below
For manual SWC click
PX5 Canbus SWC setup click

If the steering wheel control still doesn’t work. Please check the photo here, and measure the voltage between pins 19 and 16 when the radio powers on. It should have a 3.3V value. The SWC wire is usually white or brown click here

If the steering wheel control is bus-based via canbus, you need to select the correct canbus type in the factory settings(please refer to the above number 10).

Analog Steering wheel control: Please connect the wires according to the photo here. Go to Settings>Car Infotainment>SWC then Study the buttons.

26. No Power in the head unit.

1. Measure the voltage value between the yellow and black wires. Normally it should have +12V. Also Please measure the voltage between the red and black wires. 
2. If there is 12V between the yellow and black wire. Then please bridge the red and yellow wires together to check if it powers off. To see the photo please click
3. There is also a fuse behind the head unit. Please ensure it is not burnt. To see the photo click
4. Use a paper clip, toothpick, sim eject tool, or similar to click on the RST hole.

27. HOW TO: Keep Your Car Stereo On While Starting

Watch video 1. here and video 2. here

28. Reset/Restart(RST) Hole. 

HL-8835 see a photo here Hidden by the radio frame.
5378 and other BMW screens photo 1 here.

TG276 here

29. Do not watch videos while driving.

KLD: settings>car infotainment>video>disable video in montion>disable(OFF).

30. User Manuals:

KLD-XXXX user manual here
HL-XXXX user manual-1 here
HL-XXXX User manual-2 here

31. Touch screen stop working?

Solution 1. Try clicking the reset hole. If it doesn’t help, please remove all the connectors and wait for a couple of minutes. Connect them again and check if the touch works.

Solution 2. You can connect a mouse and keyboard to the USB ports of the radio and operate the radio. Then use the mouse to check Settings>Car Settings>Factory settings>input password 126>KEY>Touchscreen calibration.

32.  KPH/MPH units

In my BMW screen, I can’t change from KPH to MPH and get a query that fails on the display. see photo here
Solution: Please check Settings>Factory>input password 1314>Function>Unit Selection>Imperial Unit

33. BMW Screen flickers in the original menu:

Please check Settings>Factory>input password 1314>Car Display>Try all options. One of them should work.

34. Mercedes-Benz screen flickers in the original menu:

The original screen does not display correctly: please check Settings>Factory>input password 1314>Car Display>Try all options. One of them should work.

35: Porsche PR-27XX: 

1. The unit comes with two harnesses. 1007-A and 1007-B. Please check the attached pictures.

A. If the car has fiber optic cable, please use 1007-A and also connect the fiber optic cable.

B. If the car has no fiber optic cable, please use 1007-A and ignore the fiber optic cable.

C. If the car has an analog amplifier, please use 1007-B and also connect the RCA outputs to it. 
FL-OUT to Front L out
FR-OUT to Front R out
RL-OUT to Rear L out
RR-OUT to Rear R out
2. It was set for the cars with fiber optic cable by default before shipping. If the car does not have fiber optic cable. Please change the settings below. 

Settings>System>Factory Settings>input password 7890>Original with AMP>OFF>Save and Reboot.

The customer said: Yeah it was the AMP setting. It started working once turned off.

No backup camera picture after a few seconds. Please check Settings>System>Reverse mute>OFF.

36: Door Swap LHS RHS:

HL-XXXX: Please check Settings>CAR>Factory settings>Input password 318>CanBus>Front door>Swap. Back door>Swap. Apply and Exit.

There are no options for 'Front door' or 'Back door' in the Canbus Swap menu. The only options shown are 'Normal; and 'Swap'. I have tried both of these options and they both give the same result; the wrong side of the car is indicated in the visual alert.
Answer: Please check the attached picture. Please also change the Rudder to the right rudder and have a try.

ETC-XXXX: Please check Settings>Car Infotainment>About Device>Click the "gear" icon on the right of the "HMI">input password 8878>CAN Type>
Swap F-Door
Swap R-Door
Save and Reboot.